About Us

Mary Mack's, Inc. Team

In 1995, Gary Mac Herring, Jr. decided to open up a Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand in his small town of 600 people. When customers began to ask for full bottles of syrup flavors to take home, he had the idea of selling syrup online.

Fast forward to today. Mary Mack's, Inc. is now the leading manufacturer of shaved ice and snow cone syrup. Our Hawaiian Shaved Ice brand syrups are made in our state-of-the-art North Carolina facility. You may have seen our products featured in The Wall Street Journal, TV Guide, Coastal Living Magazine, BuzzFeed, CNN, The Oxygen Network, Good Morning America, and blogs across the web. The Wall Street Journal granted us our proudest achievement by awarding us the distinguished award of Best Overall. They stated our products "seem to rise above the rest." This award paid tribute to our excellent products, superior customer service, and unmatched syrup flavors.

In addition to syrup, we carry home and commercial shaved ice and snow cone machines, cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, and all the accessories needed to complement these appliances. Because of our hands-on experience in the home and professional concession industry, we are able to offer our customers the most affordable and unrivaled products available, coupled with 5-star customer service.

Although Gary is the founder of the business, he humbly credits his full-time and seasonal employees for the success of the company.